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Our facility provides 24-hour on-site nursing services. The department is overseen by the Director of Nursing, whom is a Registered Nurse (RN) and an Assistant Director of Nursing. The nursing department also operates with two Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) at all times. Our nurses are trained to handle a variety of medical and behavioral needs.


Our Medical Director is located out of Memorial Hospital in Belleville, Illinois and is available 24-hours a day. The Medical Director comes to our facility on a monthly basis and sees residents for visits at his office as needed. Our facility provides residents the option to use our medical providers or their own. The providers include: an off-site dentist, optometrist, and neurologist, as well as other specialized services. A psychiatrist and psychologist also come to our facility on a monthly basis to review residents. All off-site visits are assisted by staff and provided with transportation to and from.


Our facility is by the Illinois Department of Public Health and abides by all state and federal regulations. We are required to give residents the opportunity to be evaluated annually and then as needed by licensed professionals for various needs and care. We contract services a License Physical Therapist (LPT), Licensed Occupational Therapist (LOT), Licensed Speech Therapist (LST), and Dietitian.

Each resident is assigned to a certified Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) that oversees their daily care. Residents are provided 24-hour supervision and care by certified direct-support professionals (DSP).

We have an on-site physical therapy department with a full-time physical therapy aid. There is also an activity department that conducts a variety of activities in the residential homes and gymnasium. They also supervise a variety of opportunities for residents to participate in community activities.

SLC supports and encourages Physical Therapy (PT) and fitness within our residential community. We understand and foster the importance of physical activity among adults living with developmental disabilities.

After 11 years of service as the Physical Therapy Aide (PTA) at Specialized Living Center, Nadine Hickman, under the supervision of LPT Steve Huth, instituted a program called PT Rocks in order to encourage residents to be physically active and rewards them for doing so.

The program focuses on preserving, developing, and restoring physical function that may have been lost due to injury, disease, aging, or congenital abnormality. Based on an initial assessment, SLC’s Physical Therapy Department incorporates an individualized PT ROCKS Plan which includes therapeutic exercise, physical agents such as heat or cold, and most importantly, encouragement. Areas of focus include:

  • Improving functional mobility or the ability to move (including bed mobility/transfers and walking)
  • Increasing range of motion (flexibility) and strength
  • Promoting tissue (wound) healing
  • Decreasing pain and swelling
  • Incorporating safety, prevention and education
  • Promoting fitness and health


Our residents are involved in our local community and keep busy with leisure activities, supported employment, and day-training. Residents are encouraged to attend off-site day programs Monday through Friday.


  •      Physical/Medical Services
  •      Dental Services
  •      Ophthalmic Services
  •      Women’s Health Services/Mammography
  •      Laboratory Services (on-site)
  •      Medical Vaccination/Testing

Professional Services

  •      Audiological Services
  •      Individual Assessments
  •      In-House Leisure Activities
  •      Therapeutic Community Activities
  •      Social Services
  •      Speech/Language Services
  •      Dietary Services
  •      Physical Therapy Services
  •      Occupational Therapy Services
  •      Adaptive Equipment
  •      Psychological Services
  •      Psychiatric Services

Day Services

     Vocational Services:

  •      Vintage
  •      Community Link
  •      Save, Inc.
  •      Challenge Unlimited
  •      Illinois Center for Autism

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