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Parents and Friends of the The Specialized Living Center

The Specialized Living Center is operated and managed by the private, non profit organization “Parents and Friends of the Specialized Living Center”. The Center is licensed and certified as an Intermediate Care Facility for Intellectually Disabled by the State of Illinois.


The Specialized Living Center, completed in the summer of 1979, owes it’s existence to many dedicated persons working together for seven years with the administrations of Governor Dan Walker and James R. Thompson to achieve this goal. The St. Clair County Board, the St. Clair County Mental Health 708 Board, the mayor and trustees of the city of Swansea, other local and state political leaders, community leaders, concerned parents, and volunteer agencies worked with the Illinois Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities and the Illinois Capital Development Board to bring this facility to southeastern Illinois. The Specialized Living Center is a testimonial to people working together to improve the quality of life for the disabled in their community.

Objectives and Goals

The basic purpose of the Specialized Living Center is to provide an environment approximating as closely as possible the patterns and and conditions of everyday life in mainstream society and to encourage residents to interact with their community, learn, and become less dependent upon others. We have, as our goal, the development of each resident’s skills, habits and attitudes essential for coping with everyday living in the community.

Description of the Specialized Living Center

The Specialized Living Center is an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled adults that provides training and supervision in a home like environment. The Center is located in a residential area of Swansea, Illinois. The architectural design and landscaping allow it to fit comfortably into this residential community type setting. The furnishings and decorations are designed to be durable, safe and pleasant in appearance. The Center is composed of six modern one-story dwellings, called houses, which encircle the central core building. Each house homes up to 18 people with two residents sharing a bedroom. A fully equipped bathroom is located between each pair of bedrooms. Additionally, each house has a kitchenette, laundry room, family room and dining area. The core building has a physical therapy room, program services, medical services, central kitchen and is home to the administrative offices.

Support Services

The Specialized Living Center provides or arranges for support services that include speech and hearing therapy, occupational therapy, activity therapy, social services, case coordination, and behavior modification. Residents are given the opportunity to worship according to their religious beliefs, and to participate in other church related activities. Medical services include twenty four hour health care supervised by a registered nurse under the direction of the resident’s personal physician. The Center is affiliated with local hospitals fro necessary hospitalization, emergency treatment, diagnostic services and other hospital based services. The Center retains a consultant dietitian.

Enrichment Center

The multi purpose enrichment center was completed in the summer of 1984. The purpose of the Enrichment Center is to provide athletic and recreational programs for the developmentally disabled.Gross motor programming is provided for Specialized Living Center residents. Additional, the Center is host to Specialized Living Center programs, Special Olympics training and events, social events and entertainment events. The facility is available for use by other community agencies. For further information, contact us here at the Center.

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